Spring Break Party Cards

Club La Vela TEEN Party Cards

ATTENTION TEENS! This is what you’ve been waiting for! Club La Vela, the Largest Nightclub in the USA and ranked as one of the Top 100 clubs in the WORLD, offers you the ULTIMATE TEEN ONLY experience with Club La Vela’s EXCLUSIVE TEEN PARTY CARD!

This is the ONLY card that gets you FREE COVER into Club La Vela’s Teen Only events, INCLUDING: The Teen Foam Party (Monday), Glow Rage Teen Paint Party (Wednesday) and The Teen Glow Party (Friday).
Also, make sure to check out the amazing lineup of all ages concerts this week!

*All teen events are open for 18 and under. See schedule for dates

**Make sure to purchase the card that applies to week you will be here.

***No Refunds, All sales are final